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This year's Auction raised over $113,000 for club programming and scholarships.

We couldn't be more grateful for the generous outpouring of support!

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The 2020 Boys & Girls Club TV Auction is presented by

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These are extraordinary times, but we're adapting and moving forward, with even more fun!


From December 9 -12 you'll be able to bid ONLINE for four days on a wide variety of items.


This year, we will only be bidding online; however, on Saturday the 12th we'll host a virtual streaming event so you can see some of your favorite Auction personalities. You can view it on Concord TV's channels 6, 17 & 22. You can also view it on our bidding page.

In order to begin bidding, you'll need to register. When you sign up, you'll provide your name, contact info, and a method of payment so you can begin bidding as soon as the auction opens.

Once you register, you'll be able to bid on the online auction during our event from December 9th at noon until December 12th at 9:00PM! 


About This Year's Auction

How to Bid in the Auction

Before you can begin bidding, you'll need to register. Registration is simple and easy! 


We encourage you to register early so we can resolve any issues or answer any questions before our event. Please reach out to tfrost@centralnhclubs.org or call 603.496.2799 for help.

  1. Click here to create an account

  2. Enter your email address

  3. Wait for the verification email, and follow the link to fill out your contact information. That way we can send you updates on items on which you've bid.

  4. Verify your payment information, billing address, and mobile phone number are correct.


You're ready to start bidding when the online auction opens on December 9th!

How to Get Your Items

Auction items will be available for curbside pickup at 55 Bradley Street on Sunday, Dec  13 between 10 am and 2 pm.  Please have your ID!

Thank you to these additional major sponsors

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Need help?

Please reach out to Tanya Frost.